About Gardens of the Sun
Gardens of the Sun (GOTS) was established by Alistair Ripper in 2015 to offer design, construction and maintenance service to residential clients & commercial development projects with a naturalistic approach.

We aim to create gardens that enhance the quality of life, reflect your style & personality and will compliment and add value to your house. To flourish they also need to be functional and enduring.

Based in Melbourne, GOTS is a specialises in creating thriving, robust and drought tolerant gardens. Our gardens are created with longevity in mind - using careful plant selection that is suited to the particular site, extensive soil preparation to maximise plant health and attention to micro-climates on the site.

New Wave Perennial is a major source of inspiration, which in a broad sense seeks to use perennial flowering plants and textural foliage to produce diverse and ecologically based plantings that are resilient over long periods of time, dynamic and are spectacular during seasonal peaks.  We use both exotic and native plants depending on the site and conditions.

We aim to build landscapes that reference classic garden design principles in contemporary and innovative ways.  As our connection to nature, gardens and landscapes are essential for our well-being. They provide the opportunity to extend the architectural experience with texture and softness. 

We use materials in ways that create a sense of timelessness.  We particularly enjoy contrasting raw materials like steel, stone and timber against lush plantings.  Re-using or reclaiming site materials is often an option.